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What is Page Rank
PageRank is a term from the field of internet marekting and indicates the value (on a scale 0-10) of each web page that is computed by Google search algorithm.

PageRank (sometimes Page Rank, abbreviated PR) is a term from the field of internet marketing and indicates the value (on a scale 0-10) of each web page that is computed by Google search algorithm. Google search engine takes this value into the account in results of its search and web pages indexing. PageRank name is derived from the name of one of its creators - Larry Page.

Page Rank scheme The aim of Page Rank is marking quality sites (the bigger the Page Rank of the page, the better and more valuable the page is, according to the algorithm). PageRank algorithm is constantly changing and responds in particular to various fraudulent practices on the Internet - its goal is to evaluate positively only good sites. The key principle, on which Page Rank is based, is the number of backlinks (incoming links) to a specific website. Power of passed PageRank is higher if website gets links from quality sites (with high PageRank), as shown on the picture. On the other hand, if a large number of links lead from the website, the power of passed PageRank is diluted.


PageRank in practice: PageRank is important but not only one quality indicator of websites. It is one of the indicators by which search website optimization is followed. Currently, when Google search dominates, the basic objective is to increase the PageRank. Other web search engines have similar indicator of quality sites. Google search uses a number of other indicators, based on which the results in search are arranged. In addition, the public value of PageRank isn’t the same with which Google works - together with the algorithm, the PageRank is not published by Google because of protection against its abuse.

In practice, it takes awhile before the new established website gets its PageRank and before it is further increased (3-6 months). Besides that, increasing of individual levels of PageRank is logarithmic - e.g. the effort and time for switching between PageRank 5 and 6 is multiple higher than getting PR 5 itself - see picture below.

Google PageRank Explained

Source: Elliance, Inc., 2007

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