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What is OSCAR
OSCAR is an acronym for a method of organizing designed by Ernest Dale. According to him, the organizing process must include Objectives, Specialization, Coordination, Authority and Responsibility.

OSCAR is an acronym for a method of organizing designed by Ernest Dale. According to him, the organizing process must include:

  • O - Objectives - it is necessary to establish and mutually logically link the objectives of the organizational units, objectives (outputs) of the processes and objectives of the work on individual jobs
  • S - Specialization - processes, jobs and organizational units should be grouped based on the similarity of the activities carried out
  • C - Coordination - activities and processes must be mutually linked and aligned to lead from the time and place aspect to the most logical and efficient interconnection
  • A - Authority - the proper functioning of the activities and processes requires correct setting of authority so that any activity, process, position and department should have adequately allocated power
  • R - Responsibility - correct functioning of activities and processes requires correct setting of responsibilities so that at each organizational unit and position is clear what is responsible

The ideal is to use this method in the initial formation of the organizational structure and then continuously during its inspection and redesign.

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Last update: 22.06.2016


harding Mark about 1 year

All my life I've been taking OSCAR in the wring use. But now because of australianwritings, I actually know what OSCAR really is. And it was fascinating to read all about this process.

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peter kewer 11 months

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