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Organizational Climate

Organizational climate is the atmosphere reigning in the organization, organizational unit, group or team.
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over 3 years

Our love affair with our homes

Right now, fashion fans care about the place where they live just as much as what they wear. Dominic Lutyens explores how, increasingly, our homes are where we express our personal style and tastes.


almost 5 years

Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

The change of climate is one of the most important international problems of the XXI century. Nowadays, the aftereffects of climate change are extremely urgent.


about 4 years

Myths About The Topic You’re Passionate About

In the academic life of MBA final year, the most passionate topic for students is the change management and its successful implementation.


almost 2 years

Climate Colonialism and Heatwaves

Colonialism, the policy of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting its economically was said to be ended in 20th century. But the reign of exploitation has yet to end. The exploitation of...