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What is Organization
The organization is a term usually denoting a formal organized group of people who have common goals and motivation, they measure their performance and they are defined relative to its surroundings.

“A group of people get together and exist as an institution we call a company so they are able to accomplish something collectively that they could not accomplish separately – they make a contribution to society, a phrase which sounds trite but is fundamental.”

David Packard

The concept of organization is in practice used to mark organized formal groups of people who have common objectives and motivation, who measure the performance and distinguish from surroundings. Relations within the organization must be managed and organized. The organization is characterized by the following features:

There are different types of organizations that are either organized social group (an organization without a legal status such as clubs, associations or illegal organizations) or based on legal foundations (organizations with legal status). They always have an owner (or ownership structure). All organizations also have managers, whose responsibility is organizational management with the idea of owners.

  • Business, Enterprise represents a firm, an enterprise or a company and brings people together for the purpose of producing goods or services
  • Government organizations
  • International organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Political parties
  • Armed Forces
  • Interest Companies
  • Clubs
  • Associations
  • Professional associations

Not by chance is the origin of the word organization the same as a word organism (the original Greek word οργανον - Organon). In addition to linguistic connection there is also a connection of meaning. In both cases there is a whole which individual parts are designed for their intended functions to meet a common goal. In both cases, the whole is alive, evolving over time, often growing, which must respond to external stimuli. Simple organisms do not need a brain or even blood, as well as the trader does not need a complex organizational structure, management, nor complex information system - he is a creator and a consumer of information at the same time. All organisms more complex, by contrast, need a brain that can be compared to management in which converges a lot of information. They need to organize people and processes, they need to create an information system. Each organism also uses food as well as the organization uses different types of resources.

The organization can be viewed in different views (different sights):

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