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What is Office management
Office management includes all activities and processes that are the part of routine support administration activities in the company.

Office management includes all activities and processes that are the part of routine support activities in the company, especially in offices. It is therefore administrative work such as supporting other staff, keeping smooth running of the office and ensuring that other staff have perfect working environment. An important part is the management of company records and ensuring the smooth running of the company itself. Office management is a part of the company operational management (or business administration) and its back-office. From process point-of-view is the part of support processes.

The person responsible for office management processes is usually called the office manager. However, his responsibilities can be extended in small and medium-sized companies by many other activities and tasks such as the field of human resources management, asset,facility or equipment management, marketing and the like. On the contrary, in large companies, the office manager manages the team of administrative staff such as ordinary office workers, assistants, receptionists and the like.

What activities does the office management involve?

These are all day-to-day processes and activities that are usually hidden from the customer’s point of view. This includes everything from the coordination of all administrative activities to the smooth running of the office up to the support of other employees.

  • provision and support of administrative processes and activities
  • organizing and coordinating meetings and appointments
  • coordination of company administration
  • ordering and finding out office equipment, furniture, etc
  • negotiations with suppliers
  • arranging and organizing corporate events, conferences and the like
  • creating and maintaining company policies and procedures
  • ensuring overall organizational efficiency and effectiveness
  • ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the office workplace
  • ensuring and supporting internal communication in the company
  • office equipment and asset management, facility management
  • keeping various office-related records (equipment, training, office supplies and other equipment)
  • preparation and completion of various statements, forms, reports and the like
  • maintaining and creating various data or information records, tables, records or forms
  • use and coordination of supporting applications and software
  • document archiving
  • preparation of documents for meetings and conferences, preparation of reports
  • keeping meeting minutes
  • management of documentation, information and data
  • handling requests from employees
  • answers to e-mails, telephones and other communication
  • preparation of documents
  • filling in mandatory forms
  • assistance to employees and managers
  • representation of the company during visits
  • handling and redirecting incoming communication to the company (phone calls, emails, etc.)
  • organizing onboarding and orienattion for new employees
  • bookkeeping or processing relevant documents

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Last update: 26.09.2020


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