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Who is Nicholas Dreystadt
Nicholas Dreystadt was a vice president of GM and general manager of the Chevrolet Division. He saved the Cadillac brand by creating new market segmentation.

Nicholas Dreystadt

“Quality is design and tooling, inspection and service. It’s not inefficiency.”
Nicholas Dreystadt

Nicholas Dreystadt was born in 1890 in Germany and died in 1948 in USA. Initially he worked as a mechanic at Mercedes. Later he went to the USA where he worked for General Motors Corporation (GMC) at a middle management position.

At a time when Cadillac division was threatened with destruction by the economic losses due to the Great Depression, he suggested to management a way, how Cadillac could become profitable within eighteen months.

His plan was in a new look at market segments - Cadillac originally refused to sell cars to blacks. While the economically successful blacks who were boxers, doctors, musicians, etc., were very interested on these cars.

Dreystadt convinced the GMC management. He was appointed to head of Cadillac, and has changed the original silly marketing policy and truly saved the brand.

In parallel with a brilliant marketing plan, he was very devoted to quality production. Unlike competing Henry Ford, who advocated a simple (to spartan equipped) and very cheap cars, Dreystadt, even in times of crisis, the emphasis was on quality and equipment - his philosophy illustrates the quote in the title.

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