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What are Most valuable qualifications and certificates
Do you want to earn more money? See which qualifications and certificates on the market the most prized.

Excitement new job In the vast majority of professions, the higher qualifications also increases your value on the market and thereby increasing your salary. Highly qualified people with years of experience, expertise and good education are getting a job much easier than a person with no qualifications and low education. We use different ways how to increases own qualifications - practical experience, education and training in the workplace or outside of the company. Training and education are often concluded by a certificate or qualification designation. People with certain certificates ususally value more than others.

The prospects to have a good financial evaluation greatly increased with highly recognized certificate or qualification designation. And the best internationally. The more recognized certificate, the better chances to get the job and usually with even higher salary.

Which certificates and qualifications are the most valued?

The most valued certificates are those in the areas of finance, IT, security and project management. Several companies even managed to push their product certification the highest levels in terms of salary and market value. Their holders, therefore experts are among the best paid jobs.

Here the list, we will continue to expand.

The most valuable certificates in the financial sector:

The most valuable certificates in IT:

The most valuable certificates in the field of risk management:

The most valuable certificates in the field of security:

The most valuable certificates in the filed of Quality management:

Any experience with valued qualification? Share with others.

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Last update: 30.11.2014


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