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M_o_R ® (Management of Risk)

M_o_R ® (Management of Risk) logo M_o_R® (Management of Risk) is a framework designed for risk management in the organization. It is owned and published by the Cabinet Office (ex OGC). M_o_R is a flexible and robust framework that enables organizations to re-evaluate their risks.

M_o_R methodology in practice: Management of Risk is a framework, a set of recommendations that help assess the risks from several levels (perspectives): strategic, program, project and operational.

The MoR Framework is divided into three publications:

  • M_o_R Principles - basics of risk management
  • M_o_R Approach - how the management principles are adopted in the specific organization
  • M_o_R Processes - defines four basic processes of risk management - inputs, outputs, activities, evaluation and control

It is designed for decision makers and managers who are responsible for risk management across the organization.

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Note: M_o_R® is a registered trademark of Cabinet Office.