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The purpose of this Privacy and Data Protection Policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) is to explain what personal data we administrate and why, describe the way we process your personal information, and declare our obligations resulting from this privacy policy. For more details, please refer to our Security Policy and our Terms and Conditions. LLC (hereinafter referred to as “MM” or “us” or “Operator”) provides a professional platform (“Platform”) for professionals, businesses and other organizations (“clients” or “you”). Therefore, your use of our products and services is motivated by your business activities, expert discussion, search for expert contacts, improving your knowledge or raising your productivity. This privacy policy represents our commitment to strictly observe the stated principles concerning the collection and processing of your personal data.

Preliminary statement on the protection of your personal information

  • As a platform provider, we recognize the security and privacy of yourself and your data as of paramount importance. That is why privacy and security are of utmost importance to us and we feel obliged to protect them.
  • We keep your data safe and protected against various security threads.
  • Your privacy is our priority. We only store personal data necessary to perform the contract, operate the platform and ensure the security of all our users.
  • We treat your data and that of other users in an ethical manner, that is, we do not trade your data, neither do we share it with any third parties as this would conflict our privacy policy.

Managementmania as a provider of information society services

To whom is the platform intended?

The platform is designed for professionals, employees and students with focus on management. Our services are neither designed nor targeted for under 18 year olds and, therefore, we do not collect any data about users from this age category, neither do we ask for parents’ consent. If you are under 18, please do not use our services under any circumstances.

  • We provide a platform that you use as a client, user, or visitor.
  • Visitor can browse content and increase their professional knowledge or expand their professional network.
  • The data and information you store on the platform can stay private or you can make it public.
  • When blogging, writing reviews, participating in professional discussions and other similar activities, you are communicating your personal opinion that represents your experience and expertise.
  • Your user behavior should increase your professional reputation in the community of other MM users and visitors.
  • Your behavior and expressed expertise and opinions shall be part of the process of building your personal reputation.
  • MM does not interfere in any way with your private content because we respect your privacy.
  • MM reserves the right to remove content from public parts of the platform, reduce your reputation, or block your user account if your behavior or the content you create on the platform is clearly against the law or threatens other users (we investigate other users’ alerts).
  • You are responsible for the data you put into the platform. The content you publish represents your personal opinions.
  • Only you are responsible for the data you enter into the platform. You are the only one responsible for ensuring that the data you enter into the platform is not inconsistent with the law.
  • In order to increase or maintain personal reputation within the platform, it is of the users’ interest to avoid publishing false data or data that would mislead other users.
  • In the case of publishing misleading or false information which may endanger or negatively affect other users, the user must be aware that he or she may be commiting an infringement.
  • Since neither MM nor the MM system functions interfere with data processing (unless initiated or planned by the user), MM considers itself as a provider of information society services and refuses the role of data processor (Article 1(1) (b) of Directive (EU) 2015/1535 referred to by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679).
  • MM is a web application built on three-tier architecture. Therefore, all data is stored on servers (as opposed to user devices).
  • No data is stored on user devices. If you lose your laptop or smartphone, you will not lose anything but technical data and technical cookies.
  • You must protect your user login information against abuse or misappropriation on all your user devices.
  • Communication between the server and the users’ devices is protected by encrypted connections (https).
  • Data are regularly backed up.
  • Only users with the appropriate permissions can access personal data.
  • Other users or visitors to the platform have access to the published data (whether published by MM administrator or by the MM users).
  • Data is stored in secure data storage facilities provided by professional data centers.
  • We only use professional data centers with a high level of security (including physical security and protection against accidents and natural disasters).
  • All MM data is stored in the region of the European Union.
  • A detailed description is provided in the Security Policy.

Managementmania as a personal data administrator

What personal data do we collect and why?

Client data.

A client is represented by a user. The personal information stored is the contact details of this user which is required for registration, operating the user account and for provision of paid platform services. We also store billing information needed to charge for our services, and data needed to perform the contract, protect against misuse or to avert security threats.

  • Name and surname
  • User email
  • Company registration number, tax identification number (personal data only for natural persons)
  • Additional billing information
  • We do not store your credit card information, instead, Stripe services are used by our platform

Users’ contact details are also used to inform them of system changes, outages, important deadlines, non-payment, and so on. Without this information, we cannot provide our paid services. The contact details are entered by the users themselves while registering to the service, with the possibility to edit this data at any time later.

User data.

We store our users’ contact details which is required for registration, operating the user account and for provision of paid platform services. Only details needed for login are required. Any other information is optional and can be provided for reasons of better self-presentation in a professional community. Users log in using their email address. The decision whether to use personal email or an email that does not allow to identify a person, is entirely the user’s choice. In order to increase your reputation, it is recommended to use true information that will not mislead other users.

  • Name and surname
  • User email
  • Professional Curriculum Vitae - entirely at the discretion of the user    * summary    * professional path - studies, career, professional experience    * skills and specialization    * personal certificates    * other

In case of cancellation of the client’s account, we archive the user’s name and email for account recovery purposes and for reasons of protection against abuse and fraud. We do not actively work with this data, neither do we transfer it anywhere else. The contact information is also used to inform the client about system changes, outages, important deadlines such as license expiration, non-payment, and the like. Without this information, we cannot provide paid services. The contact details are entered by the users themselves while registering to the service, with the possibility to edit this data at any time later.

Visitor information.

Visitor data is used to improve user experience, increase the convenience of using the platform, and customize the environment. Visitor data is automatically collected through cookies and similar technologies for the following purposes:

  • Ensuring easy sign-up through the capability of remembering the user or visitor login (on a one-time basis or permanently)
  • Provide personalized content within the platform
  • Monitoring and analyzing the effectiveness and security of our services and enabling third-party marketing activities

With whom and in what situations do we share your data?

  • We do not sell, trade or share the data of our Visitors, Clients and Users to any third parties, unless this is required by the legislation or business interests of the client.
  • An example of a third party to whom we share the necessary personal information, is a regional sales representative or an expert partner who is located in the client’s geographic reach or has another expertise that is important to the client.
  • Client or user data can be shared with business partners following the client’s or user’s expressed wish to use their professional services.

What rights do you have?

Each user has full control over the information they publish or store on the platform. Through his / her account, he / she can modify and correct this information. Users can also delete their account. Users can perform these actions in form of self-service and thus can execute all their rights, such as:

  • Right of access to the personal information
  • Right to rectification of inaccurate personal data
  • Right to data portability
  • Right to erasure

Privacy Procedures

  • Our employees are aware of the necessity to ensure data security and are trained in this respect.
  • We have set security processes in line with ISO 27000 and we regularly review our processes, suppliers and partners.
  • Access to data is restricted to selected employees with the appropriate authorization.
  • All business and personal data is protected by strong security measures. The data is stored in secure data storage facilities provided by professional data centers, we use only encrypted connections via https.
  • With all our partners, we have valid contracts, there is a set process of their selection and quality assurance.
  • Leakage of personal data
    • We are required to report serious violations within 72 hours to the Surveillance Authority.
    • Any significant data leakage will be reported to those users whose data has been affected, by appropriate methods (via email, on MM website, by a MM message)


For the purposes of this Policy, terms are defined as follows:

  • “You” are in the role of client, user or visitor
  • “Client” is the entity who has agreed to our Terms and Conditions and who uses some of our services
  • “User” is a specific person to whom belong a specific user account on the platform or uses some of our services.
  • “Visitor” is the person who visits our platform without logging in
  • “Data” is data, information or other content entered into the platform by the users

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