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What is Mind Maps
Mind Maps are highly efficient analytical technique applicable particular in problem solving, learning and personal development.

Mind Maps is a highly efficient analytical technique applicable in particular in problem solving, learning and personal development. It is a graphic design of the solved problem or learning material using charts covering all relevant aspects and dimensions of the problem and their interactions and relationships. The maps are created using either colored pencils on a paper or using a computer with a special software.

The father of the mental maps is usually considered to be Tony Buzan. However, their principles are based on the knowledge of neuropsychology (specialization of brain hemispheres, dual coding theory, etc.) and shape and cognitive psychology (semantic networks, cognitive maps, mind maps, representations, etc.).

Mind maps in practice: Mind maps can be used in group problem solving in a form of brainstorming.

Mind map is a highly individual treatment of a topic or problem. If it is processed electronically, it can be edited, modified in a cooperation of more investigators.

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Last update: 24.07.2015


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