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Megatrends 2000


New Directions For Tomorrow

An invaluable guide to a rapidly changing world. Nearly two decades have passed since the publication of the groundbreaking national bestseller Megatrends–and a remarkable number of its controversial prophecies have come to pass. Nowthe forecasters who accurately predicted the shape ofthe 80’s turn their sights on the coming new century.And what they see will astound, excite, and profoundly touch the lives of each and every one of us.

In this sequel to their 1982 bestseller, Megatrends , Naisbitt and Aburdene use solid and startling statistics to identify 10 dominant socio-economic trends for the 1990s. Among these, they foresee a booming global economy, with the “Pacific Rim” of Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore rivaling a single-market “Europe 1992.” Socialized industry and government welfare services will be largely replaced, they argue, by private enterprise. Meanwhile, women worldwide will achieve parity with men as leaders in the professions. The authors also predict a strong resurgence in the arts, national/ethnic culture, and religion, as the millennium nears. They envision as well epic developments and dangers in biochemical science–test-tube chickens, clones of endangered species, killer-disease vaccines. The authors’ figures frequently upset conventional wisdom–more U.S. goods ($37.7 billion) were sold to Japan in 1988, they maintain, than to Germany, France and Italy combined.