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What is Marketing
Marketing is a term that refers to activities, processes and methods of directing and active influencing of an entrepreneurship (business activities) according the market needs.

Marketing is a term that refers to activities, processes and methods of directing and active influencing of an entrepreneurship (business activities) according the market needs. Marketing integrates all activities that build strong relationships with the customer and that affect the overall business strategy and the market position.

Marketing focuses on pre-sales activities, identification or retrieval of customer needs and therefore marketing affects and involves all related fields, such as new products and services development, brand management, marketing research, marketing communication, advertising and promotion, sales and pricing.

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Last update: 06.04.2016


Eric Owusu over 4 years

SKY AIR FREIGHT (PTY) LTD is a freight forwarding agent based at O.R.T. International Airport, South Africa. We specialize in custom clearance, import and export services to and from all destinations internationally. We endeavour to continuously improve our service to our customers, setting new benchmarks for service excellence in the logistics industry. We provide the following services:

Clearing and forwarding services
Imports & Exports services
Transportation Services
Local, regional & international distribution of goods.
Air freight
Sea freight
Road freight
Courier services
Trucking and logistical support services
Air waybill tracking
Packaging and wrapping

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