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What are Managerial skills according to Katz
Social psychologist Robert L. Katz has set three areas of managerial skills and determination, for which level they are characterized: Technical Skills, Human Skills and Conceptual Skills.

Social psychologist Robert L. Katz in 1974, in his article,” Skills of an Effective Administrator“ in Harvard Business thought about the relationship of managerial skills (competences) and hierarchical management levels. The result was the setting of the three areas of managerial skills and determination, for which level they are characterized:

  • Technical skills - competencies important, particularly for lower management
  • Human skills - competencies needed for all levels of management
  • Conceptual skills - competencies with a substantial importance, particularly for top management

A similar method of determining managerial skills is defined as the eye of competencies ICB (IPMA Competence Baseline) in the standard of project management competencies. Relationship of individual skills for hierarchical level of management is illustrated in a figure:

Managerial Skill acording to Katz - scheme

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Last update: 29.10.2015


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prima saju 2 months

The managerial skills according to Katz.The pictorial representation is illustrated here. It is divided into three levels top management, cable and internet companiesmiddle management, and first line management and the inner details are also categorized into conceptual skills, human skills, and skills etc.

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