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What is Management Functions according to Fayol
Henri Fayol set of 5 basic functions of a manager and the planning, organizing, commanding, control, coordination.

Henri Fayol set the basic functions of each manager (what a manager should do) and to:

  • Planning (Planning) Planning and forecasting situations. This helps to avoid problems before they occur.
  • Organizing (Organizing) as the activity that creates the management structure
  • Commanding a direct communication tasks subordinate workers and their work rozvhování
  • Control (Control) is a feedback for manager, whether the orders and set rules are in compliance
  • Coordination (Coordination) As the motive coordination mechanism processes and people

It was probably the oldest classification management functions.

What is the division of functions of managers in practice?

It’s a list of basic activities what a manager should do, therefore: plan, organize, coordinate, to command and control his subordinates.

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Last update: 30.10.2015


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