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What is Liquid Modernity
Liquid Modernity is a sociological theory of Polish professor of sociology Zygmunt Bauman.

Liquid Modernity is a sociological theory of Polish professor of sociology Zygmunt Bauman. According to him, contemporary society is characterized by:

  • Efforts to emancipation - there is a conflict between the rights of individuals to vary and collect your own “models of happiness” and the need for public space functioning and implementation of the public interest
  • Individuality - the idea that it is on individuals to make themselves who they want to be - a free society is made ​​up of free individuals, and it is on them to chose who they want to be. Particularly the situation in the market is that individuals have an almost absolute freedom of choice when purchasing products or services through their hugely wide range
  • Idea of ​​progress, and work as a means to control the future - the work is broken down into “episodes” and does not provide a solid foundation of one’s identity (human individual)
  • Separation of time and space - in modern society ceases to be space bound with time, on the contrary, became an instrument of conquest of space (due to traffic engineering and information and communication technologies), the time becomes an money, the more travel (and sharing) is faster, the more it is efficient
  • Decline of the nation-state - the state loses a role of the provider of security and due the influence of globalization also its sovereignty. While people are seeking compensation for the state in different communities, and the connection of the state and nation depletes

Liquid modernity in practice: Each dimension of liquid modernity can be understood as follows:

  • Efforts to emancipation - to take divergence of interests of the organization and interests of its workers simply acknowledge and try to find a satisfactory compromise (for Human Resources Management)
  • Individuality - in terms of marketing to respect the freedom of individuals and offer market products highly individual or with a high possibility of individualization (for marketing)
  • Idea of work as a means - to respect the efforts of individuals to use the work for their own personal growth (for Human Resources Management)
  • Separation of time and space - to manage their and their customers time management (for Time Management and Marketing)
  • Decline of the nation-state and the search for a replacement community - to provide customers a feeling of belonging to the consumer community and offer the possibility of participation in community activities (for marketing and for Total Loyalty Marketing)

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