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What is Lead Management
Lead Management is a term to describe the entire process of new customer acquisition.

Lead Management (also Lead generation) is a term to describe the entire process of new customer acquisition. It includes both marketing and business processes an goes from selecting the target market to the actual trading and customer care. All stages of new customer acquisition are part of the Lead Management processes:

How is the lead management put in practice?

The goal of lead management is to identify and acquire new customers or to sell more services or products to the existing customers. It acquires the company to be constantly collecting information about the market, performing market segmentation), defining the potential of the segments and leading marketing and PR activities. Simultaneously, the company needs to be collecting data about customers who can really benefit from our products or services and thus are likely to make the {Purchasing decisions.

In practice, this requires a lot of knowledge, including the sophisticated sales psychology, which has to be tailored to the type of customer and type of offer - always so that the number of acquired customers is as great as possible in terms of effort.

In practice, when it comes to lead management, every business has its own detailed manuals of defined procedures on how to motivate the customers to buy. Most often, these guides and procedures address the following questions:

  • How to get the most people interested in your business offer?
  • How to get a visitor of a store or a website to buy?
  • How to motivate a customer to purchase repeatedly?
  • How to work with customer data to make them buy more?

Lead management can be also applied to a network of dealers in the same way as to customers.

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Last update: 25.11.2017


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