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Get advancement through knowledge

Do you want to have your CV under control?

“Do you want to have your CV under control?”

Build your CV online using your personal network of professional relationships and business contacts. Discuss with others in the network.

Eventm - training and event registration management system

Interesting events and training will always find here

Event M allows you to handle the registration process for training, seminar, conference or other event from online ticket sales, processing payments to print attendance sheets.

Jste dostatečně kreativní pro Vaše stávající nebo budoucí zamětnání?

“Are you creative enough for your present or future job?”

Measure your creativity and learn to use it!

Current topic:


Strategic Management

Strategic management is a management field focusing on long-term planning and direction of the organization. Strategic management in an organization ensures that things do not happen randomly but according to pre-planned, long-term plans. ... Read more»

New articles for you:

Published at: 02/23/2017,
Diversification means of a distribution of assets on a wider basis or range.

William Herbert Sheldon
Published at: 02/22/2017,
William Herbert Sheldon was an American psychologist who developed a typology of temperament depending on the physical constitution.

Action Plan
Published at: 01/10/2017,
Action plan is a plan outlining actions and specific steps that must be performed to achieve the desired objective.

Enslaved computer
Published at: 10/22/2016,
Enslaved computer (sometimes Zombie computer) is a computer infected by a malicious botnet or other malware that performs tasks such as spying sensitive information, sending spam or performing a DDoS attacks without awareness of the computer's owner.

Press Release: Work Conference 4.0 - the impacts of digitization on the labor market
Published at: 09/22/2016,
On 21 September in Prague hosted a national conference on the topic Works 4.0 times Industry 4.0. This professional event organized by Seminario and presented different views of experts on changes in employment due to technological developments and possible future development in terms of recruitment.

Published at: 09/21/2016,
Keylogging is a type of cyber attack in which the attacker monitors keystrokes on your computer. For example he may record your password or other sensitive information.

Data kidnapping
Published at: 09/13/2016,
Data kidnapping the latest cyber threat

Financial Statement Analysis
i want to read it but i cant here i want to download More...
SKY AIR FREIGHT (PTY) LTD is a freight forwarding agent based at More...
In nigeria economic situation is contracting and inflation is soaring More...

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Remarkable person


Peter Ferdinand Drucker

Peter Ferdinand Drucker is usually considered the founder of modern management as a separate science field. He is the author of a number of basic or innovative concepts in the field of management - in particular: Discontinuity, Five basic managerial activities, MBO, Seven new tasks of the future manager, Business Purpose, Functions and Objectives, etc. ... Read more»

We introduce to you a book: Human Resource Management


The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook

  • Author: Charles H. Green, Andrea P. Howe

  • The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook is a practical guide to being a trusted advisor for leaders in any industry. Put this fieldbook to work and you’ll be someone who earns trust quickly, consistently, and sustainably—in business and in life. ... Read more»