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Content marketing
Published at: 11/19/2018,
Content marketing means creation of high-quality and useful content on a regular basis so that it either enrich, entertain or otherwise engage the recipient.

End of Life (EoL)
Published at: 10/22/2018,
End of life (or end of life cycle, EOL) means the end of production of a product or the end of product or service support.

Escalation process
Published at: 09/16/2018,
Escalation process is a process in which the resolution of a situation moves to a higher level of management or expertise because the situation can not be solved at a lower level.

Managed process
Published at: 09/05/2018,
Managed process means a business process that is performed according to the set procedure and not accidentally.

Business Process
Published at: 09/05/2018,
Business process is the flow of work or activities.

Unique visitor
Published at: 07/20/2018,
Unique visitor is a visitor who visited the website at least once in a given period of time. None of his or her subsequent visits to the same website is included in the total of unique visitors.

Website visitor
Published at: 06/26/2018,
Website visitor is someone who has visited a website and spent some time there. Website visitor may be anonymous or identified, and may visit the website only once or repeatedly.

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