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Business Requirements
Published at: 05/11/2019,
Business requirements are the requirements or needs of an organization or a customer to the product, service or system.

Cashless Payments
Published at: 05/11/2019,
Cashless payments are those payments that are made without the need for physical money (cash).

Process-based Management
Published at: 05/05/2019,
Process based management is a way of management of processes within the organization that emphasizes repetitive processes and organization-wide processes.

Security strategy
Published at: 05/04/2019,
Security Strategy is a set of medium- and long-term measures to increase safety of organizations, states, facilities, information, properties and alike.

Technology strategy
Published at: 05/04/2019,
Technology strategy is a decisions about what technologies will be permitted and used within the company.

Competitive Advantage
Published at: 05/01/2019,
Competitive advantage is anything that gives you a temporary head start over the competition.

Support Processes
Published at: 04/28/2019,
Support processes are all processes whose sole purpose is to ensure the functioning of key processes and overall operations of the company.

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