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Who is John Stuart Mill
John Stuart Mill was an English philosopher, an empiricist, a political economist and liberal politician.

John Stuart Mill

John Stuart Mill twelve years with his father worked on the edition pětisvazkového Bentham’s works. Consequently, in fifteen years she broke down. After returning from treatment in the south of France founded a discussion club Utilitarian Society. His persistent mental health problems prevented him to finish his law studies.

From 1827 to 1857 he was employed as a clerk in the East India Company. He began to pursue poetry and socializing with friends. Meaning in its transition from rational utilitarianism to involve feelings had his future wife Harriet Taylor.

The last thirty years of his life to writing the political, economic and philosophical literature-based social liberalism. Although Mill in many developing and maintaining the then conventional economic thinking, many of his ideas were quite original. He advocated for the redistribution of wealth by the state, but with a minimum of bureaucracy. By this he meant the form of an unconditional income for all citizens. Instead, the idea of ​​sustainable economic growth submit the idea of ​​steady growth. Often questioning the private ownership of natural resources and promoter of the cooperative movement - in 1852 to push for Britain’s first cooperative law was redrafted still apply.

In the years 1865-1868 he was a deputy rector of the House of Commons and the Scottish University of St. Andrews.

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