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What is Job Description
Job description is one of the key activities in a field of human resources management.

Job description is one of the key activities in a field of human resources management and it usually includes the definition of the following attributes of the job:

  • Name of the job
  • Purpose of the job
  • Description of the competencies - main activities, tasks
  • Inclusion in the organizational structure, including hiearchical relationships
  • List of work equipments, technologies and technical equipment, which the worker must handle
  • Expertise (technical competence) that the worker must handle
  • Working conditions (place of the job, physical, technical, organizational conditions, safety)
  • Description of management comptencies - authorities and responsibilities on given job
  • Definition of the responsibilities for resources:

  • Key terms:
    • Competency Model

Job Description scheme

Related terms and methods:

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Last update: 09.03.2015


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