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Who is and what does Human resources officer (Personnel Officer)
Human resources or personnel officer is the HR staff, whose task is to ensure the work conditions, recruitment of personnel and all related paperwork.

Personnel officer or Human Resources Officer is an HR employee whose task is to ensure the status and recruitment of personnel and all related paperwork.

Job duties depends on the size of the company. In small companies, the role of HR is covered by the CEO (managing director) or by the company owner, or the HR is covered by an part-time HR contractor. Fully dedicated, full-time HR manager is typical for companies with around 20 people or more. In larger companies, typically 100 employees and more, the job of HR manager is divided among several people. For example, there is a person responsible for recruitment, someone else for managing personnel administration or a person responsible for employee training. These situations and figures, including the numbers of employees, should be taken as a guide only. It always depends on the specific conditions for each company separately.

What does a personnel officer do?

  • Manages personnel agenda and administration, employee records, personnel files
  • Ensures compliance of personnel administration with applicable legislation
  • Ensures he payroll (by himself or via payroll accounting service)
  • Plans, organizes and leads all HR activities within the organization
  • Monitoring the situation on the labor market
  • Provides and organizes recruitment, hiring and firing employees
  • Arranges and organizes job interviews
  • Takes care of all personnel paperwork - all labor-law papers and documents
  • Arranges evaluating and rewarding employees
  • Arranges employee training and other educational activities
  • Together with the managers involved in the employee motivational system
  • Set the rules for the management and evaluation of people, employees

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Last update: 19.01.2023


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