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What is Hosting
Hosting is means providing computing or storage capacity of the computer server.

Hosting is an informatics term for a server capacity provision by provider to the customer. Hosting usually includes the provision of storage space and computing power of the server, which is needed to run some software (mostly corporate applications or web pages). Part of hosting is usually a backup, server maintenance, ensuring basic software, security against computer threats, and monitoring of performance and operation of the server.

Hosting exists in several versions, depending on what is its purpose and how it is administered. Basic types of hosting are:

  • Webhosting
  • Free hosting
  • Server housing
  • Dedicated server
  • Virtual server
  • Cloud Hosting - Cloud Solutions
  • Rack hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Managed server

The main parameters of quality and level of hosting services are:

  • Disk space
  • Connectivity
  • Amount of transferred data (traffic)
  • Availability
  • Technical Support
  • Technology Platform
  • Price and payment terms

What is hosting used for?

Hosting use those organizations or entrepreneurs who need to run an information system or web pages and also do not want to take care of their IT infrastructure, which is needed for their operation. Therefore they use the hosting as a form of outsourcing processes, people and technical resources (information and communication technologies) that do not have or do not want to have. Responsibility is therefore transferred to the hosting provider. The range and quality of services among them is usually expressed as a level agreement (SLA).

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Last update: 28.11.2015


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