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What are History of Organizing
History of the organizing shows the key milestones and personalities in the history of the organizing as one of the key management functions.

The table below shows the key milestones, personalities, their works and the main ideas that shaped the history of organizing (as one of the key functions of management).

## Timeline of key milestones Organizing Timeline






Adam Smith

An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations

Reflections on the division of labor as an instrument to increase its productivity and efficiency.


Frederick Winslow Taylor

The Principles of Scientific Management

Practical recommendations for the organization of work :

  • work optimization
  • work standardization
  • work ergonomics


Henri Fayol

Administration Industrielle et Générale

Organizing is one of the five key functions of management:



Alfred P. Sloan


My Years with General Motors (1963)

He introduced a divisional organizational structure ( SBUs) and decentralization at General Motors Corporation.

Organization is based on rational methods of management and decision making.


Max Weber

Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Theory of bureaucracy – bureaucracy is a rational way of managing and organizing of large organizations– it has following features:

  • general and impersonal rules
  • fixed competencies of officials
  • hierarchical structure of decision making
  • professionally trained staff


Chester Barnard

Functions of the Executive

Organization is a cooperation system of human activities.

Key functions of management:

  • setting up and maintaining the system of the communication
  • support initiatives and efforts
  • expression and defining the purpose and objectives


Peter Ferdinand Drucker

Concept of Corporation

Based on his study of General Motors Corporation, permitted by Alfred P. Sloan, he found that large corporations are, rather than a personification of rational bureaucratic model, (Weber, Sloan) a chaotic social system (speaking moder terminology).


Alfred DuPont Chandler

Strategy and Structure: Chapters in the History of the Industrial Enterprise

Principle of strategy→structure


Henry Mintzberg

The Structuring of Organizations: A Synthesis of the Research

Šest základních částí organizace:

  • ideology
  • strategic peak
  • technostructure
  • middle line
  • support staff
  • operating core

Related terms and methods:

Related management field:

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