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What are Hard skills
Hard skills are professional knowledge and skills.

Hard skills are professional knowledge and skills. It is the expertise, professional qualifications of a person. Hard skills can be acquired and improved by education and development, they are relatively easy to measure. These include the skills of blue-collar workers, language skills, computer skills, work with technology, accounting, legal knowledge, etc.

What are the hard skills in practice?

For non-management professions hard skills are valued more than the so-called soft skills. Generally, achieving higher hard skills qualification gives one a better chance at obtaining a quality job. Achievement of a certain level of professional hard skills is accomplished by a certificate. There are many professional certificates, some of them gives exceptional value on the labor market (see Most requested qualifications and certificates)

Hard skills are an integral part of business requirements to post, in terms of the requirements for professional competency to perform a certain profession.

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Last update: 05.05.2019


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