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What is Golden Circle
The Golden Circle is a principle how to explain something to someone in order why, how and at last what.

Golden Circle is a principle for explaining something to someone based on the theory of the Golden Circle, published by Simon Sinek. Golden Circle gives guidance on how logically explain a product or a service to the customer.

Golden Circle presentation in practice: Most people make the mistake that explains and describes their product or services, how they work and what they do instead of explaining how it helps to the customer or business partner. The principle of the Golden Circle is simple:

  • Why - Customer needs a service or a product? Why should anyone care?
  • How - How do you meet the customer? It is the fulfillment real?
  • What - What do you really have to offer, how it looks, or what does your product or service?

Principles of the Golden Circle are used in business presentations, persuasion or in an elevator pitch.

Golden Circle - Why, How and What

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