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Who is Frederick Winslow Taylor
Frederick Winslow Taylor is usually considered one of the founders of modern management and the first representative of the traditional school of management.

Frederick Winslow Taylor

Frederick Winslow Taylor was born on March 20, 1856 in Philadelphia, USA and died there on March 21, 1915. To this day he is considered one of the founders of modern management and the first representative of the traditional school of management. During his career he held various jobs, ranging from lab assistant to chief engineer and company CEO. In 1893, he moved to New York and began a career as an engineering consultant. In 1911, he published his major work “The Principles of Scientific Management”. The lawyer L. D. Brandeis is said to have coined the term “scientific management” and F. W. Taylor is said to have cleverly taken it over when he realized its commercial potential.

Frederick Winslow Taylor focused mainly on the organization of work and came up with important recommendations regarding its optimization, standardization and ergonomics. He analysed individual work steps in their required time frame and examined every move of certain tasks. Based on results obtained from the analysis of the most efficient workers, he set norms for the correct implementation of an activity and optimized the shape and type of tools used (such as the form and size of a shovel).

His main management principles are:

  • A clearly defined standard work day
  • Standardization and comparability of conditions
  • Mutual collegial cooperation and sharing of best business practices
  • Linking performance and rewards (gains for success, losses for failures)
  • Systematic staff training

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Last update: 27.04.2016


Sabrina Parke 7 months

F. U. Taylor is considered the founder of the scientific organization of labor as a discipline.

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Sabrina Parke 7 months

At university, I studied management in depth, so I want to write a couple of interesting facts. Trying to build a management system taking into account human specificity, F. U. Taylor identified four scientific management principles that predetermined his view on the rational organization of labor: the introduction of cost-effective working methods; professional selection and training of employees; placement of personnel; organization of interaction between managers and workers, and by the way, I write my paper for cheap about founders of modern management, contact me and I can share it with you.

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fuzail faisal 4 months

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