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What is Five Offer Categories (Product Classification)
Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller distinguish five product levels - Pure material goods, Predominant material goods with accompanying services, Hybrid, Predominant service with accompanying goods, Pure service.

Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller distinguish the following five product levels:

  • Pure material goods - offer is made only by tangible goods (product) that isn’t accompanied by any service - e.g. soap, toothpaste, salt
  • Predominant material goods with accompanying services - offer consists primarily of a product that is accompanied by a minor service (or retail services) - e.g. car accompanies services
  • Hybrid - offer is made equally by products and services - e.g. high-end restaurant offers not only excellent food but also perfect service, music, bar and other facilities
  • Predominant service with accompanying goods - the essence of offer is a service, accompanied by minor goods - e.g. basis of air transport is a service (transportation) accompanied by food, beverage, newspaper and magazines, film screenings, etc.
  • Pure service - offer is made only by services - e.g. psychotherapy, massages, babysitting

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Last update: 16.08.2016


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