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What is Financial Result
Financial Result (economic result) is the difference between revenues and costs.

If archangels instead of businessmen sat in directors’ chairs, they would still have to be concerned with profitability, despite their total lack of personal interest in making profits.

Peter F. Drucker

Financial Result (economic result) is the difference between revenues and costs:

Profit = Revenues - Costs


If the financial result is positive, it is a profit. To make a profit is a key objective of any enterprise operation in the private sector. High levels of profit allow either reinvest into the business and its development, or paying the owners and shareholders.


If the financial result is negative, it is a loss. If the enterprise is for a long time in loss, it exhausts its financial resources and must stop doing business.

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Last update: 16.08.2016


Courtney Thomas about 1 year

My aim is to empower women to become confident and responsible investors and help them build financial security over the long term, in a way that is sustainable for society and the environment. how to start investing

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