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What is Event M?

Event M is a new service of the portal that offers outsourcing of the entire registration process to your trainings and events from ticket sales to printing attendance sheet. All in one place, clearly and online.

How to start?

  • Sign up to the portal as a user or as a company (What’s the difference?)
  • If you selected the option of user registration, now create a company
  • Add your event or training, in which select the option “I want to use registration for training/event through Event M”
  • Now the event is promoted on the portal, you can support its promotion by:

    • Sharing the event on social networks
    • Selecting expanded promotion of the event (after activation, the event will be promoted at the relevant articles, searchable in Business Pages and visible in the event calendar)

How much does it cost?

Free events:

  • Event M is free for events with free admission

Paid events:

  • Small fee for providing registration of Event M 2.5% of the price of tickets sold
  • Fee for payment

    • 2% of the price of tickets sold via PayPal
    • 3% of the price of tickets sold by credit card

Create your profile for free and start with Event M now

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