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What is Kotter’s Eight Step Change Model
Eight steps change model was developed by John P. Kotter. The implementation of changes in his presentation include the progressive implementation of eight steps.

Kotter’s Eight steps change model was developed by John P. Kotter. The implementation of changes in his presentation include the progressive implementation of the following eight steps:

  • Step 1: Create urgency
    • Examine market and competitive environment
    • Identify critical points, potential crises or major opportunities and discuss them
  • Step 2: Form a powerful coalition
    • Create a group strong enough to manage change
    • Make a group to work together as a team
  • Step 3: Create a Vision for Change
    • Create a vision to help manage the change process
    • Develop strategies to achieve the vision
  • Step 4: Communicate the Vision
    • Use all available means to communicate continuously about new vision and strategies
    • Leading coalition as a pattern of negotiations expected from employees
  • Step 5: Remove Obstacles
    • Change systems or structures preventing the transformation
    • Support risky decisions and non traditional ideas, activities and procedures
  • Step 6: Create Short-term Wins
    • Plan visible performance improvements or “victory”
    • Achieve these victories
    • Visibly value and reward the people who contributed on the victory achievement
  • Step 7: Build on the Change
    • Use growth of confidence to change all systems, structures and procedures that are not consistent and do not correspond to the transformation vision
    • Hire, promote and educate people who have abilities to realize the transformation vision
    • Revive processes with always new transformation projects, ideas, and components
  • Step 8: Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture
    • Achieve better results through customer-oriented behavior and increase the productivity, better leadership and effective management
    • Highlight the connection between new patterns of behavior and business success
    • Develop means ensuring the training of managers and the selection of suitable successors

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