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What is E-mail
E-mail is the abbreviation for electronic mail. It is one of the services allowed by internet.

E-mail is the abbreviation for electronic mail. It is one of the services allowed by the internet. E-mails can be sent either through special programs (E-mail client) installed on your terminal device (PC, tablet, notebook, smartphone, …) or using webmail services available on the internet (Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.).

E-mail in practice: E-mail is essentially similar to the classic mail in electronic form. Each user can set up one or more e-mail addresses (e.g. The mail is then always sent from one particular e-mail address to another. Using e-mail messages, you can send and receive text messages, but also attach various files (documents, images, pictures, videos, links, and more).

Organizations use e-mail for regular communication, exchange of business correspondence, or sending of business and marketing communications (see direct mailing). Business correspondence, led by e-mail has its own rules and specifics (see Netiquette).

The advantage of electronic mail is speed - the recipient receives the message almost immediately, regardless of where in the world it is located. Another advantage is that the sender if he wants, can get information about delivery (in case the e-mail address of the recipient does not exist, the message returns back to him). He can also get information about reading the e-mail message. E-mail can also be signed by the electronic signature and also encrypted so that it can be read by the addressee only. Last but not least, sending e-mails has almost no costs.

The disadvantage of electronic mail is in overload of regular communication by e-mail messages. People use e-mail more than necessary, resulting in a large number of messages and inefficient time spend by reading and writing e-mail messages. E-mail messages are also used for sending commercial communications. A major problem is also spam.

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