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What is e-Learning
e-Learning (sometimes also eLearning) is a term used for electronic learning, i.e. learning using information and communication technologies.

e-Learning (sometimes also eLearning) is a term used for electronic learning, i.e. learning using information and communication technologies. The concept of e-learning in practice also indicates services that are on this kind of learning based and tools (software) that support this way of learning. For e-Learning is a typical use of the Internet.

E-Learning is not just posting up study materials on the Internet, but it is an organized form of education (self-education) according to established curriculum. E-Learning education uses a variety of multimedia content such as presentations, texts, links, video, animation sequences, audio commentaries, shared workspaces, own notes. The course is terminated by test.

E-Learning tools usually enable the creation, updating, distribution and evaluation of learning content (courses). They also enable the communication between students and teachers and management of the whole learning process.

Use of the e-Learning in practice: e-Learning as an electronic form of self-learning, is used for employees education within the organization. Typically it is used for product training, new employees training, OSHA, driver training, business processes and procedures training, language courses, communication with customers and others. Organizations often use e-learning as part of the internal computer network (Intranet) or they use portals of e-Learning providers on the Internet. e-Learning is used as a useful supplement of full-time learning (it enables easy to practice) or for a complete distance learning.

Benefits of using e-learning for the organization:

  • Reducing the cost of education (for both, a student and an organizer)
  • Fast training of large numbers of workers
  • Independence from the location of students (geographic independence)
  • Maintaining a certain level of knowledge for all students
  • Marking all by the same rules
  • Instant feedback

Barriers of using e-learning for the organization:

  • Necessary technical equipment (e-Learning tool)
  • Course preparation pays off for more educated workers
  • Difficult to use for complex subjects

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Last update: 14.11.2015


Lorene Aguilar 11 months

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Courtney Thomas 7 months

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John Sullen 7 months

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harding Mark about 16 hours

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