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Who is Dean C. Barnlund
Dean C. Barnlund is the founder of transactional model of communication.

Dean C. Barnlund

Dean C. Barnlund was born in Sharan, Wisconsin - USA in 1920. Based on years of experience in communications in 1970, he created transactional model of communication. The premise of this transaction model of communication is that individuals are simultaneously involved in sending and receiving messages.

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Last update: 04.03.2018


Dylan Bennette 9 months

In the 1960s and 1970s, well before intercultural interaction existed in any kind of well-defined method, Dean Barnlund was manufacturing his passions in art, architecture, travel, psychology, as well as interpersonal interaction right into a viewpoint that supplied a fresh way to consider human interaction, specifically throughout societies. As a skilled teacher, he influenced generations of students and communication professionals to bring meaning to the center of communication. Dean stressed that this required us to unite several disciplines and make commitments in terms of both humanistic and scientific paradigms. I work as a writer on and I can help you to find more information about this person.

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