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What is DACI Matrix
The DACI matrix is used to assign and display the responsibilities of individual persons or jobs when making decisions.

DACI Matrix is used to assign and display responsibilities of roles or individuala within the company in decision making. In the form of a matrix structure, it assigns levels of decision-making responsibility to individual participants. DACI is an acronym for the first letters of role types.

How does the DACI matrix work?

The DACI matrix is ​​based on assigning different types of decision-making responsibilities to individual sub-tasks, activities or processes in the form of matrix structures, in which responsibilities are usually in columns and activities are usually in rows. At their intersections, the individual levels of decision-making are responsible according to the initial letters of the types of roles in the decision-making process.

  • D - Driver is a person responsible for coordinating all activities needed to make a decision, he is such a manager, team-leader of the decision
  • A - Approver is the person who makes the decision
  • C - Contributor is a person who influences the decision due to his knowledge or expertise, he is a consultant not the decision-maker
  • I - Informed is the person to be informed of the decision

What and where is the DACI matrix used in practice?

It is used to assign decision-making responsibilities to individual team members in the normal life of the company or in projects. Unlike the RACI matrix from which it is derived, it is used in practice in areas where decision-making is intensive - for example in the development of new products (Product Management), because decision-making is a critical point in moving a new product forward and this is essential throughout the entire development process.

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Last update: 28.09.2020


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