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What is Coordination
Coordination is one of the key managerial functions and thus applies to all aspects of the organization.

Coordination is one of the key managerial functions and thus applies to all aspects of the organization: Economy and Finance, Informatics, Quality, Human Resources, Logistics and Transport, Organizational Management, Marketing, Services and Production.

Coordination in the practice

Coordination is the essence of the work of managers, like other managerial functions. Some authors directly list it as one of the managerial functions, others understand coordination as part of other functions (usually as part of organizing). Sometimes it is expressed as a continuous function - it is constantly exercised. The need for coordination is based on the principle of functioning of the organizations, social groups or networks - each organized group of people requires mutual coordination to achieve their goals. The coordination is handled by the leader of the group or management of the organization.

The essence of coordination is to ensure the material, financial, temporal and possibly spatial coherence across the enterprise’s objectives, its parts, activities or individual workers. The coordination takes place at the level of strategic management through shared values, set rules, strategy (especially the mission, vision and objectives), and in accordance with them, using planning, but also at the operational level through sub-plans, meetings and direct leadership through personal contact.

Coordination is part of all management levels, and it is important both in common linear management, and in project management.

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