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What is Content marketing
Content marketing means creation of high-quality and useful content on a regular basis so that it either enrich, entertain or otherwise engage the recipient.

Content marketing means creation of high-quality and useful content on a regular basis so that it either enrich, entertain or otherwise engage the recipient. This must be somewhat interesting for the target audience to attract attention. It is not, of course, the product content (that is, the content is selling the product), but it is in some way connected with it. By reading the content, a positive link is created between the reader and the content itself.The link is subsequently transferred to the subconscious, leading to positive thinking about the product or brand. Such a positive relationship affects his purchasing decisions.

Content marketing is part of inbound marketing. It is also one of the pull marketing methods.

  • It’s publishing information that promotes your credibility, your brand - your products or business
  • It’s a way to build brand awareness
  • It’s a way to gain and increase people’s confidence and to build a brand and customer community so that customers like you (see brand lovers)

How to do content marketing?

The basis of content marketing is, of course, content. This means creating quality content on a regular basis that your customers will read and share because it will be useful or interesting to them. The form of content marketing is very diverse, most often you can meet the following forms:

  • Articles in professional journals or other printed media
  • Expert guide
  • Radio or TV entries/programmes
  • Case studies
  • Posts on the Internet - digital content marketing, various forms of electronic publications - is the most widely used form of content marketing
  • Podcasts
  • Professional vlogs, videos etc.

While creating the content, it is important to be careful about describing a particular product too obviously. The ideal is not to mention the product at all. The content should be interesting, educational or entertaining for the reader (future customers) so as to get their attention. Through the content, the company or the author himself or herself proves his expertise and thus builds confidence with future clients. When the content is extremely interesting, it may go viral spontaneously.

What is the goal of content marketing?

The goal of content marketing is to build brand awareness, or build confidence and credibility by, for example, acting as an expert. This should persuade the clients that I know better what I am doing than competing firms. This is because the quality content will attract the reader who will become more interested in your offer or company. Such readers may become customers.

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Last update: 19.11.2018


Sara Johnson about 1 year

There are couple tips to make your content marketing successful:
1. You need to build your site’s authority:
2. Publish your content on third-party authoritative websites.
Also you can use guest posting. More information you can get here

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Jessica Brown about 1 year

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from UK. I like your article but you missed out something that is known as content engagement. Its about how much people are connecting with your content via social media and your site. For your site its all about relevance and trust, the more your domain is aged more chances are search engine crawls your website. size of the domain also matter, a website with 1000 pages have more advantages on a website with just 50 or 100 pages.

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Maurice Schnell 11 months

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Amile Bills 3 months

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Emily Ray about 1 month

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emma emma about 1 month

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