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What is Computer Virus
Computer virus is a malicious computer pogram designed to spread itself, threaten, injure or destroy data. There are many different types of computer viruses.

Computer virus is a malicious computer program designed to spread itself, threaten, injure or destroy data. There are many different types of computer viruses. They spread through computer networks (usually through the Internet and local area networks), through communication programs (such as e-mail) or through portable media. Basic types of computer viruses are:

  • Boot viruses - they attack only system areas
  • File viruses - they attack only files
  • Multiparous viruses - they attack files and system areas
  • Macro viruses - they attack applications using macros
  • Stealth viruses - they are protected from detection by using stealth techniques
  • Polymorphic viruses - they try to impede their detection by changing their own code
  • Resident viruses - they remain present after their launch in memory
  • Worms - they get to the computer via email
  • Trojan horses - seemingly legitimate software, actually performs malicious operations
  • Backdoors - similar to the Trojan horse, but unlike it, doesn’t alert to its existence

Computer virus in practice: In terms of security information system of the organization, computer viruses are a potential safety hazard that can lead to a breach of data integrity, confidentiality or availability. Protection against them is solved by installing antivirus software or another security software.

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Last update: 20.05.2016


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