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Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel

Explore and analyze your data in a familiar spreadsheet format

IBM Cognos® Analysis for Microsoft Excel brings the benefits, power and familiarity of Excel to the arena of modern enterprise performance management. Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel enables business analysts, financial analysts, line-of-business managers and others to explore and analyze data from a variety of different sources—including IBM Cognos TM1 and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence—without IT support.

With Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel, users can:

  • Explore and analyze data sourced from multidimensional Cognos TM1 models, Cognos Business Intelligence and other systems in a familiar spreadsheet format.
  • Retain Microsoft Excel functionality and formatting while moving data between Cognos TM1 models and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Share results by publishing Cognos Business Intelligence-sourced reports in standard Cognos dashboards and reports.
  • Extend analysis capabilities to more users in your enterprise—so they can make faster, more effective decisions that drive superior performance.