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Who is and what does CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the most senior manager within an organization. It is a person responsible for the entire organization.

CEO (Chief Executive Officer) is the most senior manager, executive or administrative officer in the company responsible for the entire organization. The designation CEO is mainly used in American English; in British English, the same position is referred to as Managing Director. In other countries, both terms are used.

CEO is the most senior manager within an organization. It is a person responsible for the entire organization, its operations, strategy and market position. The task of the CEO is to plan, lead, organize, make decisions and control people, processes and information throughout the organization. In many countries CEO is also legally responsible for it. CEO delegates some of its authority and responsibility to other senior executives or managers of lower levels. CEO maintains strategic relationships with key customers.

Together with the CEO, the top management includes:

As for the CEO, the same as any other manager must meet the appropriate level of managerial skills and can act in more managerial roles.

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Last update: 05.05.2019


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