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What is Bureaucracy
The concept of bureaucracy is the original meaning of "officialdom government". The concept was designed by German sociologist Max Weber.

The concept of bureaucracy is the original meaning of “officialdom government”. The concept was designed by German sociologist Max Weber as a concept of professional and effective management of large organizations based on clear and formalized rules, and on disinterested, and professional work of quality officials. Part of the concept is also a clear hierarchy and specialization of functions. Weber understands the concept as neutral and perceives it as a kind of power (domination), as in a rational authority.

The term is also sometimes used pejoratively for “rigid and inflexible management system.”

Note: In Weber’s time the concept of “bureaucracy” was a professional term and completely lacked pejorative tinge, which today it usually has in colloquial language.

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Last update: 25.08.2015


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