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What is Briefing
Briefing is a short, more informal meeting of all team members prior to any specific action.

Briefing is a short, more informal meeting of all team members prior to any specific event.

Example: An ideal model of how the briefing should look like offers a tradition of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) from the time of World War II. Before a group air operations, crews met in the council chamber, where the commander reminded them all of the essential characteristics of the task, its strategic and tactical sense and goals. In addition, an intelligence officer gave them all of the currently available information about the enemy and the weatherman informed them about the weather. Then it followed a brief discussion and answers to questions. The atmosphere was deliberately more informal, with British dry sense of humor.

Briefing in practise: In terms of leadership it can be highlighted the motivated character of such meetings, relaxed atmosphere before the event, efforts to remove the stress, raise the morale and team spirit. In terms of knowledge management, it is then important to use both formal and informal structures for the knowledge and information dissemination.

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