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World of Warcraft Legends 2

Four: Jaina Proudmoore No you are new to Jaina Proudmoore. She is the youngest daughter of King Dilane Proudmoore of Kul Tiras, and possesses followed Antonidas to master magic in Dalaran since she was obviously a child. She played a crucial role in the deal with the Burning Legion, the Scourge in the Lich King Arthas, and also the brutal Garrosh. In the story with the Pandaren Mystery, the Horde’s former chief Garrosh launched a raid on Theramore. After with all the Rainbow of Focus, Theramore was razed down, as well as a large number of reinforcements who found the rescue also died in Theramore, and Jaina’s blond hair converted into white hair. WOW Classic Gold may help players exchange sophisticated weapons and equipment. Now you can enjoy 8% discount on World of Warcraft Gold at MMOWTS and ship quickly!

Five: Lord Darius Croore

WOW Classic Gold Before the Forsaken attacked Gilneas, the war between Lord Darius Croore and King Gene Greymane sent the full city to a downturn. When Sylvanas along with the Forsaken they led invaded, they brought the plague for this land. At this time Lord Darius Croore stepped forward and used his wisdom, slyness, and beast instinct to repel the enemies who came.

Six: Woking I was the leader in the Dark Spear Trolls around the continent of Azeroth, and has also been one on the characters which had a great influence for the tribe inside history of Warcraft. He lost other areas of his life, including friends, relatives and homes in Stranglethorn Vale. When his clan was threatened together with his life, he did not play the role of ancient man, but Woking’s relationship together with the alliance has become good. In multiple versions of World of Warcraft, alliance players usually takes risks with him.

Seven: Arthas Menethil Arthas is among the most tragic hero inside World of Warcraft series. He was originally the prince of Lordaeron, the heroic and selfless paladin from the Knights from the Silver Hand. Incompatible together with the mentor and lover, within the impact from the strong vengeance, he took the cursed weapon Frostmourn-the ancient sword that could devour the soul of others; Arthas gained strength from that, but became a faith Dark death knight. Afterwards, his uncle took the throne, turning the full kingdom of Lordaeron in a hell that is known, last but not least set foot about the Frozen Throne to participate in the Lich King to get the new Lich King.

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