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World of Warcraft de-activate server briefly for maintenance

World of Warcraft’s classic server opened a quick shutdown today because Blizzard is preparing to release World of Warcraft’s latest large PVP battlefield!

According to Blizzard’s official news, World of Warcraft Classic may be offline maintenance at 7 am on December 10th, all players are prohibited from entering the overall game during this time period. For players distributed around the globe, it would appear that the impact isn’t great, since the majority players have fallen asleep make your best effort! If players are missing as a result of lack of WOW Classic Gold has affected the upgrade in the action, you’ll be able to go to ZZWOW.COM to obtain the cheapest Warcraft vanilla gold, fast delivery, no waiting, secure transactions!

WOW Classic Gold

The maintenance period of the server reached 8 hours, and also the maintenance was ended at about 3 pm U.S. local time, making sure that players could enter the sport for an adventure. But it has little affect on overseas players, simply because they have just aroused from sleep! Over a period of as much as 8 hours, Warcraft Classic’s servers were fully maintained and brought an improved gaming experience to players.

Of course, when the developer encounters other conditions when releasing another major update of the sport, it really is self-evident how the downtime of the overall game may be extended during server maintenance. So if you still want to play the experience later tonight, then no problem about the update.

As announced before, it is a pretty big update, from Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley battlefield to the sport. Everywhere is often a new chapter. For those who have no idea of, Warsong Gulch is often a 10V10 battleground for banner, while Alterac Valley is usually a large 40v40 PvPvE battlefield, well suited for players above level 51. So for people novices, the actual update plan most likely are not particularly friendly for them.

This will not be the only update. Blizzard also confirmed that they may introduce other fresh elements in Kalimdor, and also will add bonuses for instance WOW Classic Gold and equipment following your end of the experience. The specific new design can be used to keep suspense, looking forward to players to enter the overall game to find out.

Today’s plan is actually much later as opposed to original update plan. It is expected more and more new plans is going to be released one after another at the begining of 2020!

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Author: XIAN ZHANG | Created at: 11.12.2019


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