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My only achievements that I am proud of are those that relate to PvP, either single or clan-based PKing. I would like to believe that I was a competent F2P PKer pre-EoC, and I was really happy that my very first gallery hit 100+ kills. My 400-500 kills ended up being posted here on Sal’s. This was spread across three to four galleries, as well as a myriad of other subjects, including random kills. It led to old PvP players calling me Sal’s #1 F2P PKer (this is why my RuneScape King title and Witch King titles are so important to me). It’s not like I was doing anything extraordinary, but it’s something I am proud of and have people compliment my kills.

In a Sal’s Clan Section Topic about the perfect clan, I was also chosen to be a part of a number of clan section user lists. It was something that I was very proud to do because I was a level 105 combat player at that time.

I was praised during a 3xtermination vs Silverdawn and another clan XshinobizX (who was later a member and DF’s leader) for my excellent tanking. A few of their members mentioned that whenever XshinobizX made a pile of me, he’d get upset and start screaming about how few binds he was able to strike me, and the time it took me to be killed. It’s terrible that this topic is not being discussed any more. This was the first war where I felt like I had made any impact. Although we lost, it was a good outcome. The war was bizarre. It was supposed to have been an exercise in training or tank testing war that all clans were involved in. We didn’t fight in GDZ. Instead we fought as Chaos Dwarves.

I also did quite well during the battle against UBH (I assume). but I’m fairly sure in that instance I was the sole person getting complimented because they disliked everyone else in 3x.

Plague’s End was a project I recently finished. Prifddinas was unlocked and I’ve been exploring the city. Over the last few days, I’ve also done tasks for the Elven clans.

It’s an amazing city, and I have always believed it was overrated. However I can understand why people are so enthralled by it. Always been more of an admirer of dark cities like Draynor, Edgeville, The Wilderness and Canifis, for instance so it’s pretty unusual for me to love a place that is so clean, elegant and “happy looking” If you’re familiar with what I’m talking about.

Everyone knows that clan structures are the most important element of Prifddinas society and Elven society. There are 8 distinct clans each with their own territory within the city. Which clan(s) do you members prefer and why? We’ll also be discussing clan leaders, since you can appreciate a leader, but not have a particular interest in.

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