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It’s insane. There was a plethora of crazy groups on lfg which were just posting to hairpin-quest groups. I’d guess that a lot of those players got banned without knowing this was a bug. It was not difficult to alter the game. Instead of exclusion of 15 percent of their players, why not change it? Because I was too busy farming ap, I am pleased that I did not join any of these groups.

Your account was found to violate the Rules of Conduct and the User Agreement. This was confirmed by the use an exploit in Steel Rake. The game logs as well as the reports have confirmed this abuse.

As a result of this violation Your account has been temporarily suspended for 7 days. You can log back into your account once the suspension period of seven days has expired. Be aware that this decision is final and appeals will not be considered.

This is the final warning for anyone who violates the User Agreement or Rules of Conduct. The continued violation of these rules may lead to the permanent cancellation of your Aion account. I urge you to do everything you can to make sure this doesn’t happen.

The night prior to being exiled, I completed an SR ledger ran and turned into 2x. There are over 25 mobs who drop the ledgers. I’m thinking. The 10 in my group, and wait until I turned off my instance to return and continue run.

Have been watching quite a bit of Asmongold’s playthroughs of FF 14 and have been enjoying it. I am also impressed by how the community has been so supportive of him during the past couple of months. Being a longtime player of Final Fantasy 14 it feels great to see more growth in the game, and finally having a chance to shine.

I’ve also been watching his views on Classic WoW as well as live WoW issues and am now confronted by the problems that plague the entire game. As I watched his latest video on the possibilities of World of Warcraft 2 I was struck by a thought.

Everquest 2 was my first MMO. It was launched in 2004. It was a great game. I had a great time playing it for nearly 10 years and go back on occasion. However , it’s mind died out and become more of a shadow of what it was before I started playing it. Everquest 2 had been in development for a while and launched a Time Locked Expansion server or TLE in short, it was basically an EQ2 server with a boost the servers would grow more quickly and the server would eventually become live and a fresh TLE would be made at a low level. EQ2 is much more extensive than WoW and has the quality-over-quantity issue.

Although I am aware that EQ2 isn’t more popular than WoW, and never has been, I’m getting the same feelings coming from the WoW community. Also, I think Asmon’s position on classic and live implies that both games could be on the same path. Classic could be turning into the kind of TLE that begins great and people are pumped up for nostalgia, but later the flair fades as people realize it isn’t an identical feeling that they had previously.

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 18.08.2021


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