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You would be in the middle of a big battlefield and you will find blood and  OSRS gold bones everywhere.They transported one to the God Wars!To the right you can see Saradomin’s Camp.To the left,Zamorak’s Camp.Make your approach to the camp of the God you genuinely like and when you arrive,you will be greeted by guards and then you are going to ask to talk using their commander.They will require you to the God you picked and you then get to meet the Gods themselves!

You say you’re in the future and that you just went through a time portal.The God would then ask you to share in a fantastic battle that would end the God Wars forever!You would subsequently appear away from the camp gates using a robust and well-armed army enclosing you.Then the God would say some heroic words like something in a movie and then you and the military and the God would bill in the other military that is also charging !

You would need to kill every Zamorakian or Saradominist you see with all the military helping you out.Then then,you would have to meet the opposing God then Saradomin and Zamorak would bring up and their prizes and charge at each other.Just since they were going to clash,a bright flash appears and then you’d be standing beside Sedridor again.After you had discussed what you saw,some things related to that God you served would appear from nowhere.You get to keep the items as a reward.

I believe it could be cool there was a mini game where you are able to fight the runscape gods in a battle that can make you rich, or destroy you. Basically you’d be in a stadium and you choose a god to fight and if you win you receive some type of fantastic reward. But if you lose, you lose all you items that you brought with you and your xp in 3 random skills will be lowered to perhaps about 50k under the xp you began wit, depending upon your level.

Here is a list of some of the possible rewards. God charms (a new spell book that’s extremely powerful spells in it. NOTE you will not win every single spell in your initial kill, you will have to kill the boss multiple times if you want to achieve the entire spell book.

Unbelievable powerful armor that boosts your stats quite high AND each pair of armor will teleport you to the god arena with no runes (that teleport capacity will never run out or need recharging) You might as well receive some very interesting emotes and  buy RS gold level 4 clue scrolls. Well thats is about all that I can imagine, if you have some ideas, please post them.

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 21.04.2021


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