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You have until 25 August to submit videos to the YouTube competition. The competition is open today. Andrew Gerhard, Mark Gerhard and some video-hungry Community Management team members will review the entries and select five finalists. The five videos selected will be featured in the RuneScape Weekly Poll that lets the community vote for their favorite.

The winner will be determined by the video that receives the most votes. The contestants will travel with at their own expense to Jagex Games Studio from anywhere in the world. When they arrive they will get to meet the creative people who bring RuneScape alive. Then, we’ll give them a bag full of signed Jagex products. The four runners-up receive a membership and signed cups.

Please note that all videos must be made within RuneScape (live action isn’t machine-generated), and must be uploaded via YouTube. Postbag or Gallery emails will not accept entries. For a full list of rules and conditions, and to see an example video from TehNoobShow, subscribe to our YouTube page at You can ask questions or seek tips on how to create your own video on this thread on the forum. We’re eager to hear what your creative minds have to offer.

While I was at the Grand Exchange, I went through my bank in an attempt to find things I could offer for sale. I found some Bronze/Iron armor that I was not offered to sell since it would be insignificant.

I conducted a test to see how greedy RuneScapeF2P is. Then, I dropped my Iron Med helmet just outside the reach of the crowd. I then waited a minute or so for it to appear to the others and lo and behold, when it does 10 people run out of the crowd and attempt to grab the helm.

I was dumbfounded. Adamant and Rune Armor were also worn by some members of the horde. I couldn’t believe that there would be so many people scrambling to get an item that’s worth 55gp! After purchasing an assortment of lobsters for my fight train, I discovered that I had only just a few Gp remaining from the $3000 I redeemed from my bank. I decided to let it go and see what happens. As I expected, more people scrambled to get the 20gp I had dropped.

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 24.08.2021


Tech Martin about 1 month

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