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Or do you need users to get the expectation that everything they need can be located in  Animal Crossing Items certain threads on a certain schedule? I believe it works out nicely for another subreddits that take action. And honestly, to me, setting up automod to run the threads and then just tracking the lower volume of posts sounds like less work.

Despite the fluffy nature of the game, this community can be unbelievably rabid when something that they do not like gets published. I report these things as I view them, but I see the toxic posters continue to post here and wonder if it even does any good. Like I reported somebody who had been all over a thread telling people to eff off and stuff a few weeks back and they were posting the next day like nothing had happened. You can’t ever make those sorts of people/situations move away, but you may attempt to lessen the possibility of these happening by structuring things and rules around them more clearly.

The other option is a more comprehensive flair approach, but people browsing reddit via certain ways don’t even see dash unless they specifically enable it so that you’d need to accept that has been faulty in the get-go.

Ultimately I don’t think any particular subjects or posts in this sub need to be prohibited. I think they need to be structured in a way that consumers that do not want to see them may decide to filter them out or ignore them.

I believe just like blending questions and codes would be a little bit of a wreck, personally. If you do see codes in the questions thread they can be reported and we could clean them up once we view it. Also, as for information events, we do tacky Update Megathreads whenever they come about. Could there possibly be like pre-update stickies/update statements? I believe so. But yes, honestly, I’d like to free a tacky slot eventually. I personally wouldn’t mind less or more rules. I simply don’t want it to be overly strict, I don’t think stringent principles apply well to some general Animal Crossing subreddit.

Despite the fluffy nature of this sport, this community can be unbelievably rabid when something they do not like gets posted. I report these things as I see them, but then I see the toxic posters continue to post here and wonder whether it even does any good. I’m going to be completely honest here however, I understand your second stage. And I will admit for awhile, there hasn’t been a lot of active moderation here, just being 1-2 busy mods at some points. RecentlyI sat down for a while and  cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items caught up together with all the monstrously deep queue. That is the reason I’d love to have some new moderators, therefore the busy ones do not get burnt out and things fall behind again. So please, keep reporting. And if it is something you are interested in, I encourage you to apply for moderator yourself.

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 03.04.2021


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