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WARNING! The ice key hits 1 damage for every 20 minutes holding it. The Keys result is nulified from the cave, your getting struck ones anyhow. (see later) The cavern is going to have a vaierty of ice Giants (lv 52, 83, 106) and ice hockey warriors (lv 57, 90 and 110). All competitive in a multi battle area. Run through this and downa ladder. You enter a big area with a frozen lake in the center. Around the border is a two deep square parcel of land. 9fakes coming soon)

The Blurite Dragon: The dragon is level 205, the highest f2p monster. It is going to never drift off the ice lake and has the following outcomes. If you stand of this ice lake having over 30kg of items you risk decreasing in. Should you drop in the lake you take 10 damage and just take 5 seconds to swim to the side.

The dragon doesn’t breath normal fire, it rather breaths ice. This is a magical attack which can hit up to 30. Even if no damage is due to the ice breath still holds you in position for 3 minutes. The dragon could stamp its feet, this cracks the ice but does greater damage to the roof, boulders rain down on every player as a range attack inducing up to 15 damage. The dragon is very weak against fire attacks. So its a challenging monster for f2p, should not offer to much trouble for p2p.

These items are introduced for a few reasons: They’re unlikely to be used by members. They are desinged to balance the f2p battle triangle. Staff allows mages hold competitions easier, and gain a slight attack increase against rangers. Also a small damage increase, but not as likely to strike. Warhammer should deal with tanks and deliver a small bit of p2p excitment of killing people a bit more fast… Mantle has reduced defences but supplies a higher range attack letting rangers reach greater.

I have some ideas that I think would be wonderful to be added into the present skills Even though im nonmember, the majority of them are only for members. Agility: Being able to dodge attack. It might make sense, sinse the more agile you are the simpler you can dodge them. The 0s imply you were hit..but it didnt hurt you.

Cooking: Including Pasta, Spaghetti and Noodles. New Fishes such as pomfret, snapper just for fun Crafting: Being in a position to Tan leathers yourself on your workshop. Having the ability to craft Talismans. Creating clothes. Crafting Sculptures.

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 09.06.2021


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