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The device is still there but you are standing in the middle of  RS gold no-were, (where draynor use to be) so that you go to varrock. They view you as food and (depending on what level you are) attack you. So you go to the Museum and its not there. Then a standard person comes out of a basement in the building you are in (you believe its the memorial ) and requires you below floor level.

Then you ask what is happening. He states,”exactly what!? Have you been living in isolation for the last 1000 decades?” . You can not do anything but agree so he sighs and explains that following Arrav gave the sheild into a stranger believing the war was won, more zombies came out of the ground. They shot over varrock. So you say to yourself that you need to go back and return the sheild. You return to where Draynor was go back in time once more.

Subsequently, more zombies come out of the floor. That is what the guy was talking about. The next wave. You struggle to get through them and give the sheild to arrav. Then,the wicked king Arrav sacrifices himself for the city. Then after a thank you from the locals, you head back to the current. Draynor is back but varrock is still overrun with zombies. You head into town and inform the townsfolk to create a stand alone and that you fought alongside the powerful Arrav so they ought to respect you. So they come out and retake the town back. Then it shows a video of the scientist destroying the time machine. Then thats the end!

A Huge Problem That No Ones Noticed. A few issues I’ve discovered… Magic, face it everyone loves lobbing a fire ball with an enemy. It’s a simple fact of life that humankind fears and loves magical. Magic is generally envisioned as the most powerful thing ever in fairy tales and fantasy films; it’s the strongest combat form in most MMORPG.

When magic was fact which will hurt , a massive chunk of fire hitting you in the face or an arrow? Runescape makes magic the sublet type of battle, freezing enemies and then hammering themagainst warriors this can let us win battles, but archers, we’re constantly turned into pincushions. We’ve got splitbark, that won’t stop descent of dragons, that won’t stop a bolt breathing fire over us; it will not ever cease a blue bow that prices less than 1k! This is my proposal on magical…

The answers. RS has a number of options that could be used, heres what I can see. NOTE: Magic is not just a combat skill, but it still deserves to be a potent force. This is a remedy, but an extremely hard and  buy OSRS gold will get shouted at one, I am saying it for arguments sake. Clearly this wouldn’t be enjoyed, doesn’t make sense so I am ignoring this.

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 27.04.2021


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