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OK so quests are not actually my favorite thing to do in the world, therefore I have not done very many . However, I have decided that I want to do all of the quests which are like the” must do” quests. I am looking to do quests that  RS gold have fairly useful rewards. I don’t mind training some skills to acquire requirements if I have to. Some quests I was thinking about were, terror from the deep, the fairy ring (idk wat it is called), and throne of miscellania. Are there any other quests which I can do?

Okay, so here’s the deal… I’m gont get membership again and I had been thinking of ways to make money (around 20m would do for me personally ), however it seems like every method I came across to, was dull. But when I heard about God Wars Dungeon, it seemed pretty interesting. I can not kill the boss, so I am thinking about going after his minions. And they do seem to drop seeds that could possibly be a fantastic enough money resource. So here is my question…

Am I ready for God Wars Dungeon yet? If yeah, then please compose what equipments will probably be helpful for me. I’m really desperate for money. And skilling seems to take forever. Because no matter what you do, my Strength level will never go over my Defence level.Study - make teletabs; find out where shooting stars are landing; alter the element of a magical staff. Kitchen - infinite supplies of some simple food; unlimited supplies of cooking implements; unlimited supplies of a stat-boosting ale. Any area with a bookcase - every publication from every pursuit, skill etc. that you’ve used in-game & don’t have in your possession. Last but FAR from least - infinite teleports into 10 distinct destinations; six at Portal Chambers, four in the Quest Hall. I was wondering what pursuit’s I want to have the ability to reach GWD. Also, what equipment should I use? I Will do Temple Of Ikov to Find an Armadyl Pendant. Is there anything of Bandos besides boots which is lower price… Here is the setup I had been thinking. If you have any hints about changing anything up ther. Please tell me. Also if there’s a less costly setup.

I decided to invest my time in killing Aviansies. I hear they are amazing for buy RuneScape gold  earning money and are good Ranged xp. I’m not certain when I have a good setup. Tell me what you think… Inventory: 200 High Alchs. Monkfish to start with (will utilize the bones to peaches when out of monks). I’m picking up ALL runes that fall (good thought???) .

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Author: Wei weismart | Created at: 26.11.2020


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